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View Mary Ann Shadd PNG. Mary ann shadd, with her brother and his wife. Her parents, abraham doras and harriet parnell shadd, were elite free black activists.

Mary Ann Shadd
Mary Ann Shadd from
Mary ann shadd, with her brother and his wife. Mary ann shadd, in full mary ann camberton shadd cary, (born october 9, 1823, wilmington, delaware, u.s.—died june 5, 1893, washington, d.c.), american educator, publisher. She was the oldest in her family of 13 children.

Mary ann shadd was born to free black parents in wilmington, delaware, usa, on october 9, 1823.

Mary ann shadd married thomas f.cary that's why her other name is mary ann shadd cary. In october 1823, mary ann shadd was born, the first of 13 children of free negro, to harriet and abraham shadd, prominent freeborn abolitionists in wilmington, delaware. Join facebook to connect with mary ann shadd and others you may know. Cary is an important figure in.