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The absolute maximum water temperature for neon tetras is 78 degrees fahrenheit 25 degrees celsius. These guys are tropical freshwater fish so obviously salt is a no go.

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Neon tetras are old enough to breed at 12 weeks.

Neon tetra room temperature. You can use a hang on back filter or a sponge model for filtration. There also needs to be a lot of tannins in the water. To monitor the temperature buy an aquarium thermometer.

A reliable heater will maintain the temperature range between 72 76 f. As they are tropical fish neon tetras need a higher water temperature to grow and shine better. But as the neon tetras are tropical fish they surely need more water temperature when compared to room temperature.

They are tropical fish so you do need to mimic that water temperature very well. Moreover if the water temperature for neon tetras is below 72 degrees fahrenheit then it will not be safe for them. The temperature in their amazon habitat is within the range of 21 27oc.

Also a maximum of 6 2 ph levels is ideal. Use a model that is specified for a larger tank since it is best to over filter than under filter. As for lighting they will want subdued lighting.

This is compared to the average room temperature in an aquarium. A neon tetra can appear slightly plump in the belly due to having overeaten. A low watt fluorescent light can be used.

Now this is slightly above room temperature or more like a slightly warm bath for you. The ideal neon tetra temperature for breeding should be kept a bit below room temperature specifically at 77 degrees fahrenheit. All neon tetras thrive best in densely planted aquarium tanks that have subdued lighting.

Now the ideal water conditions for neon tetras are as follows. Water temperature should be between 70 f to 81 f. What do neon tetras eat.

Drastic changes in their surroundings can easily cause damage to their health and may consequently cause their death. To ensure that you have the right temperature a thermometer may be necessary. Keep in mind that neon tetras are a tropical species and they require warm water.

What you need to remember here is that neon tetras like the water to be between 72 and 78 degrees fahrenheit. Click here to buy this from amazon. You should keep the ph level below 7 0 and above 6 0 and maintain soft water 10 dgh.

Any warmer and your tetras will fail to inseminate. Neon tetras need dim lighting a dh less than one about 5 5 ph and a temperature of 75 f to breed. Purchase an adjustable aquarium heater that you can find in most pet supply stores.

Generally your tank should stay around 70 80 f 21 27 c. However the required minimum water temperature is somewhat unlikely with the average room temperature.

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